✅Convert Cgpa to Percentage 7 Point Scale Mumbai University

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✅ Convert Cgpa to Percentage 7 Point Scale Mumbai University

For Mumbai University, there is a circular that explains how CGPA is converted to a percentage.

Mumbai University offers various courses, including Arts, Science, Commerce, Management, and Engineering as well as open and distance learning.

Accordingly, the CGPA to Percentage calculated for a 7 point scale is based on the percentage of ACTUAL MARKS a candidate obtained. The following formula has been used in the calculation above.

Percentage (%) = (Marks Obtained/Total Max. Marks)*100

Here you can find how to convert Cgpa into a percentage Mumbai universiy.

It is available here. If you have questions, you can ask your college’s administration office.

Mumbai University has a seven-point ranking system, where ‘O’ implies 70 and above and a grade point of seven, ‘A’ implies 60 to 69.99 and a grade point of six, ‘B’ is 55 to 59.99 and five-grade points, ‘C’ refers to 50 to 54.99 and a grade point of four.

It further includes grades ‘D’ (45 to 49.99) and grade point three, ‘E’ (40 to 44.99) and grade point two, and ‘F’ denotes fail in cases where students score 39.99 and below. With the exception of law and fine arts, all faculties follow this system. source

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