CGPA in Percentage Calculator

CGPA in Percentage Calculator

✅ CGPA in Percentage Calculator

Why is CGPA used?

CGPA is used to measure a student’s performance over an academic period. Students were encouraged to enter the CGPA system to reduce the pressure of marks and stress of exams. As a result, some bachelor’s and master’s degree programs use the CGPA system.

1. How to Calculate Percentage from CGPA?

By multiplying the grade points by 9.5, the Percentage from CGPA can be calculated

2. What is the full form of CGPA?

The CGPA is a measure of a student’s Cumulative Grade Point Average read more about CGPA Full Form

3. Where do I get detailed steps on calculating CGPA?

On our page, you can find detailed instructions on how to calculate CGPA.

4. What exactly is CGPA?

An average grade is the sum of the grade points a student has obtained in all of their subjects excluding additional subjects.

By using the following table you can find your percentage easily. just select your percentage below and boom you will get your percentage from CGPA.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CGPA

CGPA is a system that measures the academic performance of students. The system does have some benefits and disadvantages.


  • A number of categories can be formed from the students. The teacher can pay attention accordingly to the different groups because of this.
  • The attention that can be given to the various subjects may depend upon the grade obtained. Subjects can be evaluated to determine their capabilities and performance.
  • Students can then identify their academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • With the CGPA system, students don’t receive a percentage for their grades, which has allowed them to have less pressure to score higher marks.


  • CGPA eliminates the sense of competition that some students use as a motivational tool. With no competition between students, they might aim for just grades rather than high scores.
  • There is no accuracy in the result. It is difficult to tell whether students are performing well by looking at their grades. CGPA also considers 91 marks as A1 and 100 marks as A1, according to the system. Similarly, a score of 89 is an A2 while 92 is an A1. This difference in grade is quite large, but it is only 3 marks in reality.

By referring to the below table you can easily calculate your CGPA we already formated in table form by using formula so you can use the below table as CGPA in Percentage Calculator.

CGPA Conversion Table

7.9 CGPA in Percentage
7.7 CGPA in Percentage
7.6 CGPA in Percentage
7.5 CGPA in Percentage
7.4 CGPA in Percentage
7.3 CGPA in Percentage
7.1 CGPA in Percentage
7 CGPA in Percentage
6.9 CGPA in Percentage
6.1 CGPA in Percentage
6.0 CGPA in Percentage
5.9 CGPA in Percentage
5.5 CGPA in Percentage
5.4 CGPA in Percentage
5.3 CGPA in Percentage
5.1 CGPA in Percentage
5.0 CGPA in Percentage