CGPA Calculator for Anna University 2022

CGPA Calculator for Anna University 2022

Online CGPA Calculator for Anna University

The following article will provide you with guidance. This is an explanation of how to convert CGPA to Percentage calculator marks at Anna University. MBA, MCA, and M Sc students will find this CGPA to percentage calculation useful and also for students studying engineering, business administration, and commerce.

Trying to convert your Anna University CGPA to a percentage? Here is a conversion table that will help you understand your CGPA marks.

Each student’s cumulative performance determines the results released by Anna University Cgpa Calculator

  • CGPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average
  • SGPA: Semester Grade Point Average

How to calculate percentage from CGPA [Anna University]

This calculator will make it easy for you to convert your CGPA calculator anna university. To convert CGPA marks, simply enter yours marks


How to calculate percentage from CGPA ? Anna University


Assuming the top student obtained ninety marks out of a hundred on a paper with a hundred marks. If student X gets 90 marks, he/she will have a CGPA of 100. If student X gets 80 marks, his CGPA would be:

On a scale of 10, it’s 8.9.

Multiply the CGPA with 9.5 or use the above calculator to get the indicative percentage

The formula for Converting CGPA At Anna University:

To assist you, we have provided below the summation formula for converting CGPA to percentage. Calculate your CGPA and convert the results to percentages manually.

The formula for CGPA Percentage Calculation is CGPA*10

In the table below, CGPA is converted to a percentage based on the equivalent marks.

CGPA can then be calculated by multiplying it by 10.

If your CGPA was 9.9, then your indicative percentage would be 99.

In the example above, CGPA is calculated by multiplying it by 10.

Grade System of Anna University Regulation 2017:

Cgpa calculator Anna University has changed the Grade system for Regulation 2017. The new grade system of regulation 2017 is provided below.

Grade Grade Points Mark Range
O 10 91-100
A+ 9 81-90
A 8 71-80
B+ 7 61-70
B 6 50-60
RA 0 <50
SA 0  –
W 0  –

The meaning of each grade is provided below

O – outstanding

A+ – Excellent

A – Very Good

B+ – Good

B – Average

RA –  Failed

SA – Shortage of Attendance

W – withdrawal from the exam

Please Note

This calculation is for informative purposes only. We highly recommend to the university authority for final conversion.

For more details, you can visit Anna University Transcripts Section

The following references and resources were used:

CGPA Conversion resources Circular 1 Circular 2 Transcript 1: Transcript 2

You can use the Anna University CGPA calculator to calculate a percentage for engineering, management, and commerce students.

Anna University

By using the below table you can easily convert your grade to US Grade.

Grade Scale Scale 2 US Grade
S 10.00 91.00 – 100.00 A
A 9.00 81.00 – 90.00 A
B 8.00 71.00 – 80.00 B+
C 7.00 61.00 – 70.00 B
D 6.00 57.00 – 60.00 B-
E 5.00 50.00 – 56.00 C
U 0.00 0.00 – 49.00 F

Anna University Coimbatore

Grade Scale Grade Description US Grade
O 10.00 Outstanding A+
E 9.50 Excellent A
A 9.00 Very Good A
B 8.00 Good B+
C 7.00 Above Average B
D 6.00 Average B-
S 5.00 Satisfactory C
F 0.00 Failed F


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