What is the difference between CGPA and SGPA?

What is the difference between CGPA and SGPA?

What is the Difference Between CGPA and SGPA?

For students and academic institutions, properly understanding performance grading is crucial. Two important acronyms that often cause confusion are CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) and SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average). While related, they signify distinct forms of academic evaluation.

Defining CGPA

CGPA refers to the Cumulative Grade Point Average, which provides an overall representation of a student’s academic performance across all semesters. It summarizes grades obtained in all subjects over the complete duration of a degree program or course.

CGPA is calculated by taking a weighted average of the SGPAs (Semester Grade Point Averages) obtained over the various terms and semesters. It continues throughout the length of the program and reflects overall consistency.

SGPA Meaning

SGPA stands for Semester Grade Point Average. As the name indicates, it is the GPA calculated for a single term or semester. The SGPA only considers grades scored in subjects for that particular semester.

SGPA measures subjectwise performance and academic results over one term. It is reset and recalculated for every new semester.

Key Differences Between SGPA and CGPA

Calculation Methodology:

CGPA is cumulative and takes a weighted average of all SGPAs. SGPA is isolated to a single semester.


CGPA provides a macro view of performance across semesters. SGPA gives a micro view of a semester’s grades.


CGPA carries forward right from the first term till completion. SGPA calculations restart every semester.


CGPA determines final results and rankings. SGPA assesses eligibility for next semester.


CGPA has absolute value that represents consistent performance. SGPA values vary across semesters.

Usage in Academics

CGPA provides a comprehensive picture of a student’s academic achievements in a course and is hence widely used to determine final results, rankings, graduation eligibility and career prospects.

SGPA has a narrower usage for determining performance in a semester and eligibility for progression to the next term. It reflects subjectwise marks in a semester.

In summary, while CGPA evaluates longterm and absolute performance, SGPA focuses on shortterm and semesterspecific achievement. Both have distinct roles to play in the academic sphere.