Convert CGPA to Percentage Mumbai University

CGPA to Percentage Calculator Mumbai University

CGPA to Percentage Calculator Mumbai University (MU)

Are you are worried about how to find or Convert CGPA to Percentage Mumbai University no problem students in this article you can read the exact method.

Mumbai University CGPA to Percentage Calculator is a simple and easy-to-use tool students can use to convert their CGPA into the percentage required for admission under the rules of Mumbai University.

CGPA is used by most Indian colleges and universities to determine a student’s performance at the end of every semester, especially at the University of Mumbai (MU).

This calculator is ideal for Convert CGPA to percentage Mumbai University rules.

CGPA To Percentage by Marks

How to Convert CGPA to Percentage for Mumbai University

According to Mumbai University Circular, we can convert CGPA to Percentage by multiplying it by 7.25 and adding 11 to the result, which will give us the percentage for Mumbai University.

Here is an example: You can multiply 8.5 with 7.25 and add 11 to the result to convert from CGPA to Percentage, for instance. You will have a percentage of 72.62%.

Mumbai university CGPA to Percentage conversion formula:

Percentage (%) = (CGPA*7.25) + 11

Directly Calculate

This CGPA to percentage calculation is based on the circular published by Mumbai University on 17/10/2018.

What does CGPA mean?

A CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) is a grading system used in educational institutions, defined as an average of the grade points for all subjects, excluding the addition subject as per rules.

There is a different range of percentages for each grade from A to E.

University of Mumbai 7-point scale

Grade Scale US Grade
O 70.00 to 100.00 A+
A 60.00 to 69.00 A
B 55.00 to 59.00 B+
C 50.00 to 54.00 B
D 45.00 to 49.00 C+
E 40.00 to 44.00 C
F 0.00 to 39.00 F

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